Young Ambassadors Y9 Leadership Program


The Shrine of Remembrance Young Ambassador program provides an opportunity for young people to participate in programs and commemorative events at the Shrine. Students apply to be a part of the program towards the end of Year 8 with most of the activities occuring during Year 9.

The Young Ambassadors key role is to act as leaders and representatives of future generations at the Shrine. They encourage their peers and other young people in their communities to gain a greater understanding of the importance of remembering and honouring Australia’s service community and military history. Young Ambassadors are appointed for a twelve month period from December each year. In 2018, only Year 8 students will be eligible to apply for the 2019 program.

Shrine Young Ambassadors are passionate young historians and through their association with the Shrine are provided with opportunities to optimise and accommodate their individual strengths with hands-on learning opportunities and skill building. This includes meeting and working alongside Shrine professional staff and Volunteers.

Benefits enjoyed by Shrine Young Ambassadors include:

  • The opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills
  • Being actively involved in commemorative activities
  • An invitation to attend a full day intensive Australian history tour to Canberra
  • Opportunity to attend skills and study days throughout the year
  • Making new friends and meeting a diverse range of new people

Applications for the 2018 Young Ambassador program are now open. Click here to access the Application Form.

For further information about this program please refer to:

The Shrine encourages students from diverse backgrounds (including schools with average or low ICSEA scores) to apply.

In addition to answering questions about yourself (and the key selection criteria as outlined in the Position Description), have these digital files ready to upload from your computer:

  • your CV or resume to support this application
  • your school photo ID
  • a letter from your parent or legal guardian supporting your application (refer to this example for what this letter needs to state)
  • a letter of support from a teacher
  • a letter of support from a community leader or principle or year level coordinator (optional)
  • a link to a 3 minute video introducing yourself and saying why you want to be a Young Ambassador  

For further information about this program contact