Donate your Item

The Shrine of Remembrance is committed to preservation and interpretation of Australia's social and military history. At present the collection focuses on objects, documents and photographs that are directly related to the history of the Shrine and items that are considered highly exhibitable in the temporary and permanent exhibitions programs.

 The Shrine does not have a policy to collect, however, we are regularly approched by families wishing to bring their items to our attention. Before you proceed with an offer of donation we suggest you talk to your family. There may be a family historian who would be interested in keeping the item within the family.

The Exhibitions and Collections department at the Shrine of Remembrance coordinates all offers of donation to the Shrine. The items acquired for the collection must relate to the collecting area and fit within the Collections Policy of the Shrine. 

To assist us in assessing your offer of donation please provide as much information as possible, including measurements.

  • What is the history of the object?
  • Where, when and who made it?
  • Who used it? Who owned it?
  • What was it used for?
  • Any information about the story of the item?
  • Any information about the person who owned the item?
  • What is the condition of the item?
  • Please also attach a photograph of the item.

In assessing the suitability of an offer of donation the team must also consider existing collection holdings, storage requirements, staff resourcing and the collection development strategy. It is the case that we must sometimes decline offers of donation. Whilst there are many items we cannot accept permanently for the collection we do consider these items for inclusion in our temporary and permanent exhibitions program. There are many treasures hidden in private family collections and we value the generosity of lenders for our exhibitions. 

Objects offered for donation cannot be kept at the Shrine of Remembrance during the assessment process. We therefore ask that you do not bring items to the Shrine. If you wish to bring an item to the Shrine please ensure that you make an appointment beforehand.

If the item is initially assessed as being a potential item for accepting into the collection, a member of the Exhibitions and Collection team will be in contact with you. Assessment can take anywhere up to six months.

Please submit your offer of donation to