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  • ANZAC Centenary 2014-2018 sharing victoria's stories

    Floor Talk: Dear Laura

    Wednesday 1 February, 12:30pm

    During the First World War, soldiers sent silk-embroidered postcards to their loved ones at home with tales of exotic locations, heartache and life on the front lines. The Stafford family recently discovered a collection of these postcards sent to Laura Brooks in Coburg from her brothers, uncle and future husband. Join David Stafford as he shares the personal stories behind the Dear Laura exhibition currently on display in the Shrine Visitor Centre.

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    Presenter: David Stafford
    Date: Wednesday 1 February, 12.30pm
    Location: Visitor Centre, Shrine of Remembrance

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  • Ryokuin (Green Shadows)

    Saturday 11 February, 12:00pm

    The Papua New Guinean Contribution in the Kokoda Campaign.

    Throughout the fighting on the Kokoda Track, Papua New Guineans were at the forefront of the campaign. Not only did they carry over the much needed supplies for Australian soldiers but they also carried the wounded to safety, earning the name Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. In addition many Papuan New Guineans served as soldiers, policeman and Coastwatchers. Join Kokoda historian David Howell in conversation with special guests: Kokoda veteran Bill Stuart of the 39th Battalion & Havala Laula who is visiting from the village of Kagi and one of the last remaining Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels as their stories are brought to life.


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    Presenter: Havala Laula, Bill Stuart and David Howell
    Date: Saturday 11 February, 12pm
    Location: Education Centre, Shrine of Remembrance

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  • In A Green Uniform

    Tuesday 7 March, 6:00pm

    Established in the 1980s, the Regional Force Surveillance Units (RFSUs) differ in many ways from the rest of the Army Reserve. First, their area of operation is vast: NORFORCE, the most famous regiment, covers all of the Northern Territory and the Kimberley. Second, their activities include military surveillance, border protection and detection of environmental threats. Third, they have a high level of Indigenous membership with Indigenous servicemen accounting for over 30 per cent of NORFORCE. Richard will discuss the value placed by Indigenous soldiers on their participation in the RFSUs, what this means for Australian defence policies and its influence on the reconciliation process in Australia. 

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    Presenter: Dr Richard Trembath
    Date: Tuesday 7 March, 6pm
    Location: Education Centre, Shrine of Remembrance

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  • Gardens of Remembrance Tour

    Saturday 18 March, 11:00am

    For over 80 years the sprawling gardens surrounding the Shrine of Remembrance have provided a respite from the growing bustle of Melbourne. While the memorial trees on the Shrine Reserve have become well-known pilgrimage sites, the casual observer may not be aware of the creative vision and symbology behind our carefully landscaped gardens. Join this unique tour of the Shrine Reserve, led by a specially trained guide (and gardening enthusiast!). This tour will venture into some of our smaller gardens which commemorate the Battle of Fromelles, Post 1945 conflicts, and families affected by war.

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    Treat yourself to a Devonshire tea looking into our Garden Courtyard, with its grand olive tree and Mediterranean-themed plantings following the 90 minute tour.

    Date: Saturday 18 March, 11am
    Location: Visitor Centre, Shrine of Remembrance

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  • 44 Days

    Thursday 23 March, 12:00pm

    For 44 days in March and April 1942, RAAF 75 Squadron stood alone in Port Moresby between the invading Japanese forces and Australia. By the time relief arrived, the squadron was almost wiped out. Join author and broadcaster Michael Veitch as he explores the little-known story of these young recruits and their kittyhawks.

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    Presenter: Michael Veitch
    Date: Thursday 23 March, 12 noon
    Location: Education Centre, Shrine of Remembrance

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  • The Future Monument

    Tuesday 28 March, 6:00pm

    Does better understanding the mistakes of our past encourage us to build a peaceful future?

    The Shrine was created to ensure that the sacrifices of Victorians during the First World War would never be lost on future generations. It has also served as a place of public and private remembrance for all conflicts since. The Shrine is not simply a monument to loss or a place to reflect on our history as a nation—it also provides a space to analyse the events, motivations and consequences of conflict. It encourages us to look forward.

    The United Nations, NGOs and visionary individuals are all working towards eliminating world conflict and providing aid to people touched by war. The Shrine has taken some exciting steps in recent years to highlight these efforts, including the development of a dedicated Peace Gallery. But can war memorials play a larger role in fostering reconciliation? Are we doing all that we can to encourage the community to think critically about the choices before us?

    Join a panel comprising a young veteran, an academic, a peace theorist and a curator to explore these questions.

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    Sergeant David Robertson, recipient of the Medal for Gallantry, was deployed twice to Afghanistan and currently serves as an instructor at Puckapunyal. He now wants to help the community better understand the Afghanistan conflict and how it affected the soldiers who served there.

    Dr Steven Cooke, Senior Lecturer in Cultural Heritage, is the Course Director of Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies Programs at Deakin University.

    Steve Killilea, Founder and Director of the Institute for Economics and Peace

    Jean McAuslan, Director Exhibitions and Collections at the Shrine of Remembrance, has led the development of extensive exhibition spaces beneath the Shrine, including a Peace Gallery, which opened in late 2014.

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