Curator Tour: Australia's Field Marshal 19 January 2017

Join Neil Sharkey on a curator tour exploring the life and military service of Sir Thomas Blamey, one of the most controversial figures in Australian military history.

No Australian military commander has ever shouldered more responsibility, nor so divided public opinion, than Sir Thomas Blamey. Detractors describe him as ruthless, self-seeking and egotistical and point to personal scandals, and the damaged careers of the many capable soldiers who stood in his way. Supporters speak of a man who understood, better than any other Australian leader, the wider nature of war—the political implications of action and inaction, the importance of sea and air power, of logistics, intelligence, and troop training. The exhibition Australia's Field Marshal tells his story and let visitors make up their own mind.

The Galleries of Remembrance are open daily 10am - 5pm, admission is free.

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Visit the exhibition
Australia's Field Marshal: the leadership of Sir Thomas Blamey
Galleries of Remembrance
Until Sunday 30 July 2017

Presenter: Neil Sharkey
Date: Thursday 19 January, 11am
Location: Visitor Centre, Shrine of Remembrance

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