Holiday Program

Our holiday programs are designed for families with children aged 4-10 years. Each program runs for 55 minutes from 10.30-11.25am. At the end of each session particpiants are invited to attend the 11.30am Ray of Light Service in the Sanctuary. Bookings are essential. ((Programs can be adapted for larger groups upon request. ie. Council-run vacation care programs.)

Autumn 2018: Signals and Codes

Tuesday 3 April - Friday 13 April

Come along for a hands-on tour of the Shrine. Can you decipher the coded message in the walls of our courtyard? Discover the fascinating ways, both openly and secretly, that service people on deployment have communicated with each other, headquarters and home. Learn how people in faraway countries kept in touch with their families and how news from home travelled to them – before the internet and mobile








Coming up:

WINTER HOLIDAY PROGRAM: Dogs, Dolphins and Donkeys, Monday 2 July to Friday 13 July

SPRING HOLIDAY PROGRAM: What Do (Service) People Do All Day?, Monday 24 September to Thursday 4 October