Children and families

Children and families are welcome throughout the year to experience, learn and remembrance by engaging with the exhibitions and memorials, participating in the activities on offer and share any experiences their family or community may have had in war and peacekeeping.

Visiting the Shrine with children

The Shrine is a safe fun and fascinating place to be but there are areas in which children need to take extra care. Shrine Visitor Service Officers and the Shrine Guard are here to help you enjoy your visit and stay safe, and to protect  the artefacts.

The Shrine has the following amenities to make visiting with children easier:

  • Baby change facilities
  • Drink fountains
  • Accessible toilets

Handy tips:

  • Start where you like, you don’t have to be methodical, chronological or logical. Let your children take the lead! Explore the Galleries of Remembrance or take a stroll on the Reserve.
  • If your children get tired, there are plenty of quiet areas to rest in the courtyards or gardens.
  • After your visit talk to your children. Ask them questions about your visit, write down a soldier's name during your visit and research them at home, share any experiences your family or community may have had in war and peacekeeping.
  • Where to next? The Ian Potter Children's Garden is located a short walk across the road in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Photo: © Susan Gordon-Brown