Volunteering at the Shrine

The Shrine of Remembrance has in excess of 140 valued volunteers who assist with visitor engagement, interpretation, guided tours, administration, cataloguing, research and
education program delivery. During 2015–16 these volunteers provided in excess of
17,000 hours across 363 days. The Shrine greatly appreciates the support of volunteers in assisting the Shrine to achieve its community engagement objectives.

Shrine Volunteers perform the following duties:

  • Proactively greet and welcome Shrine visitors, answer questions and otherwise engage visitors of diverse backgrounds and ages to help make a visit to the Shrine a memorable experience
  • Impart the cultural and historical significance of the Shrine and its features
  • Maintain satisfactory levels of competence including active participation in regular training and development and broadening of knowledge

The Shrine will be recruiting for additional Volunteers early in 2018. If you would like for us to contact you when applications open please register your expression of interest. For general information about volunteering at the Shrine see the Volunteer Position Description and Frequently Asked Questions.











Benefits of Volunteering

Aside from giving back to the community Shrine Volunteers are passionate people who freely provide their time and energy to support the work of paid staff at the Shrine. The benefits you could enjoy include:

The chance to learn new or extend skills and knowledge (i.e. public speaking, personal communication, history knowledge and develop employability skills).

Opportunities to broaden social circles and meet a diverse range of people, including staff, volunteers and visitors with similar interests.

Involvement in commemorative activities including ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day, Legacy Day and Battle for Australia Day.

An opportunity to impart their own, family’s or community’s experience of wartime.
Discounted tickets and invitations to attend Shrine public programs and events.

Recognition of milestone years of service effective 11 November each year and formal acknowledgement at a presentation held each December. 


As a not-for-profit organisation involving volunteers in its work, the Shrine is committed to an ongoing, relevant, high quality Volunteer Program. The Shrine adheres to the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.