2/8th Infantry Battalion Association with Macarthur St Primary School

A wreath laying to honour the service and sacrifice of the 2/8th Australian Infantry Battalion.

04 November 2021 11:00 am - 04 November 2021 11:30 am
Online event
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2/8th Infantry Battalion Association and Macarthur St Primary School are unable to hold their service. To ensure the service and sacrifice of thousands is still remembered, the Shrine Guard will lay a wreath on behalf of those who would usually join us on this day.

The 2/8th Australian Infantry Battalion was raised in Melbourne at the outset of the Second World War. They first saw action in North Africa, taking part in the battles at Bardia and Tobruk. At Tobruk, they suffered the heaviest number of casualties of any Australian battalion during the Siege. From April 1941, they took part in the disastrous Greek and Crete campaigns. 

In 1942 the 2/8th withdrew from the Middle East and returned to Australia. In November 1944 they deployed to New Guinea where they fought the Japanese in the Aitape-Wewak campaign. The final members of the battalion left New Guinea in November 1945 before it was disbanded in December.

The 2/8th Battalion commemorates the service of its members in November each year with the support of students and staff from Macarthur Street Primary School. During the Second World War, the battalion lost 94 men killed, while a further 272 were wounded. 

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Reviewed 18 October 2021

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