Vista Controls

Managing the Significance of the Shrine of Remembrance

On 23 April 2014 the Victorian State Government announced implementation of the Shrine Vista Controls: permanent and mandatory planning controls to ensure the historical and cultural significance of the Shrine of Remembrance are preserved for future generations.

The Shrine Vista Controls are generally contained within the Planning Schemes of the City of Melbourne (Planning Scheme Amendment C220), City of Stonnington (Planning Scheme Amendment C200) and the City of Port Phillip (Planning Scheme Amendment C140).

The amendments implemented by the Minister strengthen both planning policy and controls: introducing mandatory compliance with the Shrine Vista Controls, establishing permanent height controls, identifying shadowing impacts and requiring notification to Shrine Trustees. Download the Planning Study for details of the controls and their application.

Councils currently refer applications subject to the controls to the Shrine Trustees. Applicants should continue to direct their initial contact relating to planning applications to the planning departments of any of the City of Melbourne, the City of Port Phillip or the City of Stonnington, as applicable.

To facilitate consideration of a proposal relating to height controls, applicants are required to obtain at their own expense an assessment of compliance with the Shrine Vista Controls and provide this to the Trustees. The Shrine’s nominated, licensed land surveyor is Veris (Australia) Ltd (Veris).

Veris provides a professional service which includes a Development Design Assessment for the subject property relative to the Shrine Vista Controls: a valuable resource to inform the design process as it defines the space within which all built form must be contained on the subject site. Veris will also provide a copy of this report directly to the Shrine Trustees.

Please contact the Shrine Vista Manager at Veris (Australia) Ltd for further details.
03 9699 1400 / [email protected].

Depending on the proximity of the proposed building relative to the Shrine Vista Controls, the Shrine Trustees may require that the constructed building be located by a Licensed Surveyor to attest conformance with design. This requirement is to deter and detect non-sanctioned design and/or construction changes that may ultimately impact the controls.