The Shrine of Remembrance community, guided by the Trustees, is comprised of Shrine Life Governors, Shrine Governors, Volunteers, Staff and the Victoria Police Shrine Guard and seeks to fulfill the vision and mission laid out by Trustees.

Shrine Trustees

Trustees are charged by the State of Victoria with the responsibility to care for, manage and preserve the Shrine of Remembrance, including the Shrine Reserve.

Shrine Life Governors

Life Governors are appointed under Section 4 of the Shrine of Remembrance Act. They are former Trustees (other than ex-officio Trustees) whose function is to assist the current Trustees with the conduct of ceremonies at the Shrine and other duties as required by the Trustees.

Shrine Governors

The role of the Shrine Governors is to assist Trustees and Life Governors in relation to ceremonial duties. All Shrine Governors are appointed for two years and are drawn from the ranks of current or former members of the Australian Defence Force.

Shrine Volunteers

The Shrine of Remembrance values the contribution of its volunteers who assist with visitor engagement, community group tours, administration, cataloguing, research, marketing and education program delivery. Our volunteers donate their time across 14 shifts, 7 days a week. 

Victoria Police Shrine Guard

The Victoria Police Shrine Guard is provided by the Department of Justice. They provide a 24 hour security presence at the Shrine and assist with cermonial events.

Shrine Staff

The Shrine Staff, led by the management team, carry out the day to day operations of the Shrine including ceremonial, education, administration, marketing, fundraising and other duties.

The Shrine of Remembrance Organisational Structure and Responsibilities are laid out below (as at March 2019):


Shrine of Remembrance Management Team

Chief Executive Officer Dean Lee
Director Corporate Services Greg Gilmour
Director Public Programs Sue Burgess
Director Visitor Experience Naias Mingo