Tour Operator Licensing


About Tour Operator Application:
This online application form is for all operators needing to apply for a 2019 licence to conduct commercial touring activities at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne Victoria—managed by the Shrine of Remembrance Trustees.
Important Information::
No payment is required to complete this form, you will be invoiced; Pro rata rates are not available; The full annual fee will be charged regardless of licence commencement date; Your application will not be processed without all completed and correct documentation; Multiple year licences are conditional on appropriate accreditation (please find full list in the frequently asked questions document);Required fields are marked with an asterisk*
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^You will be invoiced each year for the duration of your licence. The annual fee will be indexed each year. Please attach accreditation certification below for any multi-year licence application.
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Please note, a Trustee or entity type must supply a copy of the trust deed with their application. (upload via 'Attachments' at the end of this form)
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Details relating to licence being issued to an individual or partnership
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Company or Association Name - Complete Section B where licence is to be issued to an incorporated company or association.
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This contact will be the primary contact for all licensing and emergency communication
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Public and Products Liability insurance certificate (Mandatory):
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