Care for your Collection

The Shrine of Remembrance does not have an onsite convervator to offer specific advice about how to care for your family collection items. There are a number of publications and professional bodies that can provide directions in aiding in the preservation and care of your items.

It is easier to preserve an item before damage than to fix it afterwards. The guidelines below are for preventative conservation. General principals of looking after collection items include:

  • Ensure items are in a relatively stable humidity and temperature environment 
  • Reduce light exposure, particularly for paper, fabric and paintings
  • Keep stored items off the floor in case of flooding
  • Check items regularly to guard against pest infestation
  • Store items in acid free pockets and card
  • Do not use regular stickytape to repair or adhere an item (it will discolour over time)
  • Handle items delicately, preferably wearing cotton gloves

Those wanting further information on the care, preservation and conservation of items should refer to the websites of national insitutions such as the National Archives of Australia and the Australian War Memorial, who provide more indepth care guidelines for a range of items. You can also consult the AICCM, the professional organisation for conservators in Australia.