Bomber Command
Australians in the air war over Europe 1939-45 5 October 2013 - 1 May 2014

Bomber Command was the branch of the Royal Air Force responsible for the strategic bombing of Germany during the Second World War (1939 - 45).  Approximately 10,000 Australians served in the command, joining aircrews from Britain, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and elsewhere.  These Royal Australian Air Force airmen served primarily in the air - as pilots, engineers, navigators, wireless operators, observers and air gunners.  Although their numbers amounted to less than 2 per cent of Australia's Second World War enlistments, the 3,486 Australians killed flying with Bomber Command accounted for 20 per cent of this nation’s combat deaths during the war.

Bomber Command is a Shrine of Remembrance temporary exhibition dedicated to the stories of the men, tasked with a grim duty, who risked their lives in the most dangerous campaign fought by Australians during the Second World War.  It features period photographs, plus the stories of individual airmen and squadrons.  Visitor’s will see original uniforms, equipment and keepsakes, plus a host of original art on loan from the Australian War Memorial.  


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