Sovereign's Colour
14th Battalion (Prahran/Footscray Regiment)

The Sovereign’s Colour of every battalion is the flag of the Great Union Jack, the Imperial Colour of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland (an amalgamation of the crosses of St George, St Andrew and St Patrick) on a blue field, as approved by Queen Victoria in 1900.

In the centre of the Queen’s Colour there is a crimson circle surmounted by the Imperial Crown. Upon the circle the gazetted title is embroidered in gold and also, if desired, the Territorial Title of the Battalion. This Colour is being progressively replaced in Australian units by a revised Colour based on the Australian National Flag and can be seen on the 22 Battalion Royal Victoria Colour, which hangs near the left rear wall in the Crypt.

This Sovereign Colour was presented to the 14th Battalion at a ceremony in Melbourne on 7 August 1920 by His Excellency The Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief, Sir Ronald Munro Fergusson. Army units are entitled to display up to ten Second World War (1939-45) Battle Honours on their Sovereign Colour, regardless of how many were awarded. Battle Honours for the 2nd Australian Imperial Force (2nd AIF) were approved in 1961.

The ten Battle Honours displayed on this Sovereign Colour come from a combination of honours earned by the 2/14 and the 14/32 Infantry Battalion (2nd AIF).



14/32nd Battalion (Prahran/Footscray Regiment)

With Japan’s entry into the Second World War in 1941 the 14th was one of the Citizan Military Forces (CMF) Battalions called up and placed on defensive duties around Melbourne. In September 1942 the 14th and 32nd CMF Battalions merged and became the 14th/32nd Infantry Battalion (Prahran/Footscray Regiment).

When battalions were merged in this manner each unit continued to maintain its own traditions. This meant that when the 14th/32nd Battalion went on parade they presented with four Colours; the Sovereign and Regimental Colours for both the 14th and the 32nd Battalions.

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