Members of the public are welcome to attend any of the commemorative services held at the Shrine of Remembrance.

  • 2/21 Battalion Gull Force 2020

    2 February 2020, 12:00pm

    Wreath Laying in the Sanctuary

    Shrine Representative:
    Shrine Governor Lieutenant Colonel Don Reid

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    The 2/21 Infantry Battalion, part of 23 Brigade of 8 Division, began assembling at Trawool in central Victoria on 11 July 1940.

    Approximately half the recruits were from Melbourne and the rest from rural Victoria. Training was conducted at Trawool until 23 September when the battalion began to move to Bonegilla, near Wodonga on the New South Wales-Victoria border. It made the 235km journey on foot, arriving on 4 October. Training resumed and occupied the battalion until it commenced another move on 23 March 1941 for Darwin in the Northern Territory. It had been earmarked to reinforce Dutch troops on the island of Ambon in the event of a Japanese attack. Although military sense dictated the battalion should be deployed as early as possible, to prepare defences and train in the conditions in which it would fight, it was thought a premature deployment may provoke Japanese action. Thus, the battalion would be held in Darwin until Japan's intentions were clear.