Members of the public are welcome to attend any of the commemorative services held at the Shrine of Remembrance.

  • National Servicemen's Association 2021

    14 February 2021, 12:00pm

    Wreath Laying in the Western Precinct

    Shrine Representative:

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    Compulsory military training for the nation's young men was reintroduced in 1951, the third such scheme to have existed in Australia since Federation. Eighteen-year-old men were required to undergo the National Service scheme, consisting of 176 days of military training. Those who elected to undertake their training in the army could break up their training requirements into two periods of 98 days in the regular army and 78 days in the Citizen Military Forces (CMF). Those who elected to undertake their training with the Royal Australian Navy or Royal Australian Air Force had to complete their 176 days in one stretch. The scheme was criticised as being irrelevant to modern defence needs, where skill was becoming more important than numbers, and for being a drain on the regular army's finances and manpower. In 1959 the scheme was abolished.