Members of the public are welcome to attend any of the commemorative services held at the Shrine of Remembrance.

  • Anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE Day) incorporating the Friends of the Odd Bods Association 2020

    8 May 2020, 11:00am

    Wreath Laying on the Forecourt

    Shrine Representive: 

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    The RSL will hold a State Remembrance Service, in conjunction with the Friends of the Odd Bods Association, at the Shrine of Remembrance on Friday, 8th May 2020 to commemorate the Second World War Victory in Europe.

    On 7th May 1945, German High Command authorised the signing of an unconditional surrender on all fronts, just a week after the death of Adolf Hitler: the war in Europe was over. The surrender was to take effect at midnight on 8-9th May 1945, with 8th May being declared VE (Victory in Europe) Day. 

    Australians joined wholeheartedly in the celebrations, with Australian prisoners of war in European camps liberated and Australian sailors and aircrew beginning to return home. But the celebration was tempered by the knowledge that the war in the Pacific was still to be won, and the mood across the country remaind sombre. Churches held thanksgiving services and on 9th May, 100,000 people attended the service at the Shrine of Remembrance. 

    The service marks the RSL's recognition of this important day in our history. It is expected that the service will attract people of all ages and has special meaning to those who lost relatives and loved ones during that war.