CONSERVATION PROJECT: Books of Remembrance

The historical Books of Remembrance will temporarily be off public display on the following dates:

  • Monday 21 May to Monday 25 June
  • Further intermittent disruption to access occurring until Friday 13 July, inclusive

While the Books are off public display, visitors may view the names of relatives on our digital version of the Books of Remembrance.


The Books are a unique calligraphic record containing the names of 89,100 Victorians who served overseas during the First World War. Their temporary removal from public display at the Shrine is to preserve their historical integrity for future generations. This vital conservation project involves anoxic pest treatment and repair of deteriorated paper, parchment and leather to improve the appearance and conserve the Books.

Dating from 1935, the Books provide a palpable and emotional connection between descendants and their cherished relatives who served.

Meticulously inscribed and illuminated by a team of nine male and female calligraphers, the 42 books were compiled over several years. They include the Royal Book, with dedications from their Majesties, Queen Elizabeth II and her grandfather, King George V.