Talks & Events

  • The Art of War

    Tuesday 1 May, 6:00pm

    Australian war artists as historians, documenters and first hand witnesses, must confront their own experience of the tragedies of war. In partnership with Linden New Art Gallery, join us for a special conversation with two contemporary Australian war artists discussing their experiences in war-torn countries.

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  • Courage in the Skies

    Thursday 10 May, 12:00pm

    Jim Eames recounts the remarkable story of Qantas and its crew in the face of the Japanese advance towards Australia. Flying unarmed planes through war zones and at times under enemy fire, the airline supplied the front lines, evacuated the wounded and undertook surprising escapes

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  • Curator Talk: For Humanity

    Tuesday 15 May, 11:00am

    What does it mean to preserve life when those around you are taking it? Victorian service men and women since 1945 have helped the sick and wounded in war and peacekeeping across the world, sometimes in dire conditions and desperate circumstances. Join curator Dr Ian Jackson on a tour of this exhibition and discover how treatments and technologies have changed, but the need for courage and compassion has not. 

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  • ANZAC Centenary 2014-2018 sharing victoria's stories

    The Last Fifty Miles

    Wednesday 23 May, 6:00pm

     There were fifty miles to victory and defeat, fifty miles to collapse and renewal, and fifty miles to a new place for Australia among the nations of the world. They were among the most significant fifty miles in our history. Join Adam Wakeling as he explores the final battles for the Australian troops in the First World War and their significance.

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  • From Rwanda to Afghanistan

    Tuesday 29 May, 12:00pm

    Wing Commander Alex Douglas, one of the first Australians to be awarded a Medal for Gallantry, will reflect on the key issues underpinning effective medical treatment on the front line. Alex’s three decade career as a medical officer has spanned the army, air force, Africa and Asia on active service.

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  • Friends Luncheon

    Friday 1 June, 1:00pm

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    Friends of the Shrine will be joined by guest speaker Shrine Governor Group Captain Annette Holian followed by a tour of the Galleries focusing on the history of medicine in war.

    This biannual light lunch is the perfect way to meet fellow supporters and access an exclusive event, provided free as one of the benefits to being a Friend.

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