Talks & Events

  • Screening: Warsaw Uprising

    Thursday 28 March, 12:00pm

    Created from colourised archival footage of 1944, this special film screening transports you behind the lines of the Warsaw Uprising. Directed by Jan Komasa and colourised by Piotr Sobocinski Jr.

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  • Purpose of Futility

    Thursday 4 April, 12:00pm

    Australia had the highest levels of public education in the British Empire at the outbreak of the First World War. From the midst of destruction came an outpouring of art and creativity. Discover our literary legacies from The Great War with Dr Clare Rhoden.

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  • The Battle of Kapyong

    Tuesday 23 April, 12:00pm

    For two days in April 1951, the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment fought a heroic rearguard action and helped to stop a massive Chinese force at the gates of Seoul. Dr Adrian Threlfall explores Australia’s largest post-Second World War battle.

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  • Stern Justice

    Wednesday 1 May, 6:00pm

    In the aftermath of the Second World War, Australia conducted hundreds of trials against Japanese wartime leaders. Adam Wakeling considers whether these trials were acts of justice or revenge and what we can learn from them today.

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  • Australia as Peacemaker?

    Wednesday 15 May, 12:00pm

    Join Dr Tania Miletic, specialist in peace and conflict studies, as she reflects on the Australian experience of conflict prevention and peace building processes around the world.

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  • Curator Talk: The Korean War

    Thursday 23 May, 12:00pm

    Shrine Curator Neil Sharkey shares his insights into the creation of our latest special exhibition on the Korean War. Although the fighting ceased over 65 years ago, the war has never ended.

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