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  • Ceremony: Submarines Association of Australia 2019

    Sunday 15 September 2019, 11:30am

    Wreath Laying in the Sanctuary

    Shrine Representatives:
    Shrine Governor Commander Terry Makings AM
    Shrine Governor Lieutenant Commander Jan Gallagher

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    This service commemorates the loss of HMA Submarine AE1 and the involvement of HMA Submarine AE2 at the Dardanelles during the First World War. 

  • Ceremony: The Royal Air Forces Association (Battle of Britain) 2019

    Sunday 15 September 2019, 02:30pm

    Wreath Laying in the Sanctuary

    Shrine Representatives:
    Shrine Governor Group Captain Annette Holian
    Shrine Governor Squadron Leader Steve Campbell-Wright

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    This service commemorates the Battle of Britain and the Commonwealth contribution to an Allied victory.

    Between July and October 1940 as a prelude to a German seaborne invasion of Britain, the German air force mounted daily attacks on British airfields, radar stations and cities, competing for air superiority and mass civilian damage (The Blitz). Pilots from many countries fought in the battle, with 35 Australians among them, of which 10 were killed in action.

  • Talks & Events: Panel: Changed forever

    Wednesday 18 September 2019

    Supporting the launch of the Shrine’s newest travelling exhibition, Changed forever, this special evening discussion will explore how war and conflict has changed lived and helped shape Australia. This conversation will include perspectives from the veteran community, migrants and community support leaders.

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    David Nyuol Vincent, author, Human Rights Youth Ambassador and a People of Australia Ambassador
    Kellie Dadds, army veteran and founder of the 'By the Left' campaign
    Soo-Lin Quek, Executive Manager Knowledge, Advocacy & Service innovation at the Centre for Multicultural Youth
    Mathew Keene, navy vetrean and volunteer director of Young Veterans

    This discussion will be chaired by Jean McAuslan, Director of Access and Learning at the Shrine and the curator of Changed forever.

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  • Ceremony: Shrine Monthly Memorial Service - September 2019

    Thursday 19 September 2019, 11:30am

    Wreath Laying in the Sanctuary

    Shrine Representatives:
    Shrine Life Governor Mr. Peter Whitelaw
    Shrine Governor Colonel John Coulson OAM RFD ED

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    In the month of September, we commemorate the following events:

    14 September 1914: Loss of HMA Submarine AE1
    HMA Submarine AE1 was lost without trace off the coast of German New Guinea in the early days of the First World War. After 103 years, it was recently relocated in December 2017 off the coast of the Duke of York Islands, Papua New Guinea.

    September 1941: Siege of Tobruk, Libya
    A combined Australian/British force, which became known as the 'Rats of Tobruk', spent more than 6 months holding off the forces of the Afrika Korps, preventing them from advancing into Egypt and capturing the vital Suez Canal. They were relieved by fresh British and Polish forces in September 1941. 559 identified Australians are buried in the war cemetary at Tobruk.

    21 September 1971: Battle of Nui Le
    The last major battle fought by ANZAC troops in Vietnam saw 5 Australians killed and 24 wounded. Australian forces would withdraw from Vietnam in early December having won their battles but losing the war. 

  • Ceremony: 2/14 Battalion Association 2019

    Sunday 22 September 2019, 01:30pm

    Wreath Laying in the Sanctuary

    Shrine Representative:
    Shrine Governor Lieutenant Colonel Don Reid

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    Raised on 26 April 1940 from mostly Victorian volunteers, the 2/14 Australian Infantry Battalion served in the Middle East and saw action during the invasion of Syria and Lebanon in 1941. After a brief return to Australia, they deployed to Papua New Guinea in 1942 and fought during the Kokoda Campaign. Their final offensive operation of the Second World War was the landings at Balikpapan, Borneo in July 1945. Three months later they formed part of the occupation force on the Indonesian island of Celebes (present day Sulawesi) before disbanding on 22 February 1946. 

  • Ceremony: Trustees Remembrance Service 2019

    Wednesday 25 September 2019, 09:30am

    Wreath Laying in the Sanctuary

    Shrine Representatives:
    All available Trustees, Life Governors and Governors.

    This service is closed to the Public.


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