What's On - 19 November 2020

  • Ceremony: Shrine Monthly Memorial Service - November 2020

    Thursday 19 November 2020, 11:30am

    Wreath Laying in the Sanctuary

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    Today we commemorate the following military occasions that occurred in November:

    2 November 1942: Kokoda Airstrip Re-occupied
    Australian troops forced their Japanese opponents out of Kokoda in early November 1942. The capture of Kokoda and its airfield made subsequent operations significantly easier due to its shortened lines of supply.

    12 November 1943: Final Japenese Air Raid on Australia
    This day saw a small Japanese force bomb Darwin. This raid, the 64th on the city, was the final aerial bombardment of Australia during the Second World War. 

    5 November 1950: Battle of Pakchon, Korea
    The 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, part of the 27th Commonwealth Brigade, successfully assaulted and held crucial hill features overlooking Pakchon in the face of heavy North Korean and Chinese resistance. 3RAR were supported by British troops, New Zealand artillery and American armour in their actions.

  • Ceremony: HMAS Sydney and Vietnam Logistic Support Unit 2020

    Thursday 19 November 2020, 12:00pm

    Wreath Laying in the Sanctuary

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    This service is held on the 19th of November each year.