What's On - 4 September 2019

  • Ceremony: Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) 2019

    Wednesday 4 September 2019, 11:00am

    Wreath Laying at Memorial Tree E56

    Association requests nil assistance.

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    This service is to commemorate the date in 1964 when the SAS Company was expanded to a regiment. 

    The SASR is a Special Forces unit of the Australian Army that provides special operations capabilities in support of the Australian Defence Force. Their roles include: recovery, training assistance to local or Indigenous forces, reconnaissance, precision strikes, counter-terrorist capability, recovery of Australian citizens and humanitarian assistance. They are primarily structured to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance in small teams in enemy controlled territory, while commando units are utilised to conduct raids in larger groups.


  • Ceremony: Battle for Australia 2019

    Wednesday 4 September 2019, 11:00am

    Wreath Laying on the Forecourt

    All school students are welcome.

    Shrine Representatives:
    Shrine Governor Colonel John Coulson OAM RFD ED
    Shrine Governor Major Maggie More RFD

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    This service honours the courage, sacrifice and service of Australians and their Allies who repulsed Japanese attacks on Australia during the Second World War. These include battles on the Kokoda Trail, Milne Bay, the Coral Sea, and other fiercely fought actions regarding the defence of Australia in 1942 and 1943.

    The RSL and the Battle for Australia Commemoration National Council campaigned for the official commemoration of a series of battles fought in 1942, as having collectively formed a Battle for Australia. In 2008 the Government proclaimed that commemorations would occur annually on the first Wednesday in September.