We encourage as many families as possible to come and experience the history and understand more about the significance of the Shrine.  A major part of remembrance is education. To support this, we have introduced a number of ways for your family to engage, including the Shrine Kids program that assists children visiting with their families to engage and commemorate through learning. Explorer kits can be borrowed and used to give children a different perspective—quite literally—by using a periscope, magnifying glass and kaleidoscope. Connecting with families is a way for the Shrine to maintain relevance in perpetuity, and we look forward to welcoming you all when you next visit.

Visiting the Shrine with children

To make visiting with children a little easier, the Shrine has the following amenities:

  • Baby change facilities
  • Drink fountains
  • Accessible toilets

Handy tips:

  • There is so much to see at the Shrine, make sure you ask one of our Visitor Services team or Volunteers for some tips on how to get the most out of your visit. The Shrine has the benefit of having indoor an outdoor areas to explore which makes it the perfect family destination in all sorts of weather.
  • If your children get tired, there are plenty of quiet areas to rest in the courtyards or gardens.
  • After your visit talk to your children. Ask them questions about your visit, write down a soldier's name during your visit and research them at home, share any experiences your family or community may have had in war and peacekeeping.
  • Where to next? The Ian Potter Children's Garden is located a short walk across the road in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Photo: © Susan Gordon-Brown