Ritual, Light and Land
An artist's journey through the Western Front 22 April 2004 - 13 June 2004

Anne Riggs is deeply involved in the subject of the First World War (1914-18). She spent several months in Northern France and Belgium in 2002, talking with locals and visiting cemeteries and battlefields to foster her understanding of the impact of the First World War.

Anne’s work explores commemoration, the impact of war on the land and above all its impact on families and close human relationships. Even in the 21st Century she encountered the continuing emotional impact of the First World War on the inhabitants of northern France and Belgium. Young people feel the war is still influencing their lives, and older generations retain their sense of connection to Australians who helped to liberate them from the German occupation.

The display of Ritual, Light and Land presented an exciting opportunity for the Shrine to exhibit contemporary art. The exhibition was divided into three main sections comprising large paintings, some 60 handmade postcards and ceramics. The highlight of her exhibition, Anne’s beautiful and original Memorial to those who died in the First World War is made of 1,500 small clay pots, illuminated with oil and wicks. The Memorial was illuminated on several afternoons whilst on display at the Shrine.

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