Regimental Colour
14th Battalion (Prahran/Footscray Regiment)

The Regimental Colour for Royal regiments is dark blue and for all other regiments it is dark green. The Regimental Colour bears a centrally placed design comprising of:

  • The regimental badge or crest embroidered in gold or silver (as appropriate) on a crimson background. The badge or crest is modified by omission of the gazetted or territorial title of the regiment, the Regimental motto and any wreath or crown incorporated in the design.
  • A crimson circle surrounds the badge or crest, upon the circle the gazetted title is inscribed in gold (in addition, if desired, the Territorial title) of the battalion.
  • The centre design is encompassed within a wreath of wattle (representing Australia) and it is tied with a gold knot at the bottom centre. The whole design is surmounted by an imperial crown.

In addition the following may appear on the Colour:

  • The motto of the regiment embroidered in gold on a crimson scroll. The regimental colour patch as worn by the active service battalions of the regiment in WWI or WWII with a battleship grey edging where appropriate.
  • The authorised Battle Honours of the regiment are embroidered in black lettering on gold
  • scrolls and felled onto the colour.

Colours have been embroidered with Battle Honours since 1811, providing battalions and their forerunners with official acknowledgement for achievements in specific wars or operations.

Battle Honours for the First World War (1914-18) were awarded in 1927 and regardless of how many were awarded, a maximum of 10 Honours could be emblazoned on a Regimental Colour. The 14th Battalion displays an 11th Honour, South Africa 1899-1902, inherited from the 2nd Battalion Infantry Brigade (Victoria) for actions during the Boer War (1899-1902).

Although there are strict guidelines for the manufacture, display and parade of Colours there are often deviations from the rule. In 1928 the Adjutant General reported to the Military Board that the 14th Battalion was one of five which incorrectly displayed on the Colours the word ‘Battalion’ instead of ‘Infantry’ when parading before His Royal Highness, The Duke of York, when he opened Federal Parliament in Canberra in 1927. This detail remains incorrect.

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