Holding a service

A member of the ADF assists a veteran to lay a wreath at the 39th Battalion Remembrance TreeThe Shrine of Remembrance hosts more than 150 official commemorative services each year. The majority of these services occur in the Sanctuary, on the Forecourt, or at a Remembrance Tree and its attendant memorial plaque. They are held to remember the service of Australian men and women, particularly Victorians, in times of war and peace.

Whilst each service is unique, each contains the following elements:

  • Laying of the wreath/wreaths
  • Recitation of the fourth verse of Binyon’s “Ode to the Fallen”.
  • The sounding of “The Last Post” on a trumpet or bugle only.
  • A period of silence
  • “Lest We Forget” (said by the MC, then repeated by all present)
  • The sounding of the “Rouse” on a trumpet or bugle only
  • Playing of the Australian National Anthem

A listing of upcoming services can be found in our What's On: Ceremonies section.

Application to hold a Wreath Laying

All ceremonial activities at the Shrine of Remembrance must be approved by the Trustees. Organisations wishing to hold a service can download the application form here and send to [email protected].

 For further information, contact the Ceremonial Programs Manager.

The following policies are applied to all ceremonial activities at the Shrine of Remembrance: