King's Birthday 21 Gun Salute

A 21 Gun Salute to mark the official birthday of His Majesty King Charles III.

10 June 2023 11:45 am - 10 June 2023 12:10 pm
Lower Forecourt, Shrine of Remembrance, Birdwood Avenue, Melbourne, VIC 3001
Free admission
Accessible venue

A 21 Gun Salute on the Lower Forecourt at 12pm will mark the official birthday of His Majesty King Charles III, the Head of State.

Although his actual birthday is 14 November, the reigning monarch usually holds an official birthday in early June. This is to coincide with the finer weather in the northern hemisphere that benefits the outdoor ceremonies. In Victoria, this falls on the second Monday in June.

A 21 Gun Salute is a traditional salute that involves firing blanks from an artillery piece or cannon. It is used to acknowledge special royal occasions within the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.

Note: The Salute is very loud, and you will be requested to maintain a safe distance from the guns especially visitors with small children or pets.

Shrine Representative:

  • Shrine Governor Colonel Jason Cooke

Watch the live stream:

Reviewed 08 June 2023

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