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Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Accountable Officer: Greg Gilmour

The following outlines provide additional information regarding actions to be implemented for Corporate Services.

Preparation phase Implementation Phase Monitor and review phase
Facility maintenance
  • Provide planning/diagrams.
  • Define occupancy levels for all spaces as required.
  • Plan path of travel etc.
  • Obtain quotes for signage, hand sanitisers, decals, screens, etc.
  • Meet with cleaners.
  • Install signage.
  • Set up Western Visitor’s centre.
  • Arrange fire extinguisher training.
  • Install suspended poppies in gallery (path of travel).
  • Update Sine subscription for more users.
  • Return of IT equipment and furniture.
  • IT equipment installed in additional workspaces (Education pods, SE office)
  • Install social distancing signage, decals and equipment.
  • Ensure resumption of standard cleaning cycle, with additional daily cleaning, prior to return to work.
  • Install public signage in courtyards and building.
  • Install BOH signage regarding occupancy numbers.
  • Install retractable barriers where required.
  • Set up recording for entry and exit of patrons.
  • Set automatic doors to open where possible.
  • Restore standard lighting and power program across building.
  • Resetting user ICT credentials (where required).
  • Reinstate multimedia.
  • Occupancy of lunchroom.
  • Occupancy of back of house areas.
  • Occupancy of public spaces.
  • Air conditioning system.
Human resources
  • Consult with OHS committee members.
  • Research checklists from DPC, WorkSafe, AHRI, IR Vic, etc.
  • Liaison with DPC.
  • Assess Privacy implications of collecting personal data.
  • Provide support to Executive.
  • Ensure compliance with OHS, WorkSafe, IR Vic policies and DPC guidance.
  • Continue to advise staff to use EAP service if they need to (e.g., for anxiety)
  • From commencement date, normal timesheet procedures will recommence. (probably first pay period in Nov).
  • Respond to requests to continue working from home (WFH).
  • Review and update WFH policy and procedures.
  • Monitor compliance with OHS, WorkSafe, IR Vic policies and DPC guidance.
  • Monitor and record any COVID-19 staff illness and/or related leave.
  • Payment for equipment, signage, hand sanitiser etc.
  • Set up separate COVID-19 expense account.
  • Ensure payroll payment is correct and appropriate adjustments are made for return to work.
Governance and compliance
  • Report on COVID-19 queries.
  • Liaise with Protective Services Unit (PSU).
  • Liaise with VAGO and auditors re COVID-19 disclosures in Annual Report (as required).
  • Liaise with DPC and re COVID-19 queries (as required).

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COVIDSafe Plan Dec 2021-Corporate Services
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