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Office of CEO

Office of CEO

Accountable Officer: Dean Lee

The following outlines provide additional information regarding actions to be implemented for the Office of CEO.

  Preparation phase Implementation Phase Monitor and review phase
Responsibility The CEO is required to take all reasonable steps to ensure the Shrine is a safe place and will maintain familiarity, and seek knowledge, relating to government COVID-19 directions to inform and appropriately direct the Shrine’s response.  The Marketing Manager will ensure stakeholders and general visitors are aware of the Shrine offer throughout the various stages of opening.  The Marketing Manager will monitor social media channels and visitor feedback to address user and/or general concerns in accordance with the Shrine’s Visitor Response Procedure. 

The CEO will: 

  • lead the executive group in responding to the pandemic and direct development of the re-opening plan
  • ensure the required resources are available or procured as required to facilitate re-opening
  • demonstrate and communicate behaviours consistent with the directives of government and the Shrine’s response plans
  • actively and positively communicate with personnel to support implementation of all response plans
  • act to maintain the safety of all personnel and stakeholders
  • take action to curb divergence from safe and/or agreed actions. 
Accountability The CEO is the Shrine’s Accountable Officer and bears full accountability during all phases of Recovery. 

The CEO is the Shrine’s principal representative in all communications with key external stakeholders including:

  • trustees
  • Veterans Branch
  • City of Melbourne
  • Life Governors and Governors.

The CEO holds delegated authority to speak to the media.

The Marketing Manager will prepare Press Releases to communicate the operational status of the Shrine and promote the continued delivery of on-site and digital programs.


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COVIDSafe Plan Dec 2021- Office of CEO
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