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Public Programs

Public Programs

Accountable Officer: Sue Burgess

The following outlines provide additional information regarding actions to be implemented for Public Programs.

Preparation phase Implementation Phase Monitor and review phase
  • Prepare resources for teachers to deliver self-guided activities.
  • Provide teachers with site guidelines at time of booking and as part of the reminder email.
  • Prepare an Induction for groups to the site including physical distancing and sanitising rules.
  • Review the Venue Risk assessment document for schools.
  • Promote availability of virtual tour options.
  • No Auditorium session.
  • Education pods may be used for small group sessions.
  • Student bags will not be put in lockers for 1 hour tours. If students arrive with bags, they will be asked to keep them with them and carried appropriately. Bags will be placed in lockers for 1.5 hour program.
  • Induct groups to the site outlining physical distancing and hand sanitising.
  • Enforce physical distancing of groups and staff members.
  • Manage the maximum numbers of onsite bookings.
  • Minimise hot desking for Ed team.
As required
Exhibitions and research
  • Standardise introduction of all contractors on site / sanitise hands. All contractors to enter via the Visitor Centre.
  • Exhibition install. Follow guidelines for staff per space.
  • Have requisite PPE available for installation in absence of ability to physically distance. As per AMaGA guidelines.
  • Control number of external contractors in the spaces.
  • Collections room — controlled entry to the space (already exists).
  • Collection room to be cleaned.
  • Touchscreens in Galleries to be included in high touch cleaning schedule.
  • All contractors to enter via the Visitor Centre and be inducted onto site, sign in and sanitise hands. Must be fully vaccinated to enter the building.
  • Tasks in Galleries to be completed after hours where possible.
  • Adherence to COVID-19 safe handling and quarantine procedures for collections, loans and donations.
As required
  • Keep producing digital presentations.
  • Presentations to be hybrid events onsite and live streamed.
  • Outside presentations like Gardens tour or Wreath making workshop can be held outside the building.
  • Observe all requirements for physical distancing when arranging filming/recording.
  • Provide site guidelines to all onsite program attendees prior to attending.
  • Ensure numbers are managed through the Education foyer space and Auditorium to not overcrowd the foyer.
As required
  • Volunteers to to be briefed on COVIDSafe
  • Ascertain comfort level of cohort to return.
  • Allow volunteers to opt in or out at any time.
  • To enter through Education Courtyard at designated times.
  • Bags and jackets for mid-week volunteers will be held in the Education Centre. Weekend volunteers will remain in Visitor Centre.
As required


  • Education – have access to requisite PPE as required.
  • Presentations – programs to be hybrid where possible.