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The Shrine’s COVIDSafe Plan is the product of ongoing evaluation and review of Victorian public health directions and related advice from the Department of Health and Human Services. Guidance has also been taken from WorkSafe Victoria, Safe Work
Australia Checklists, the National COVID-19 Coordination Commission, Victorian Public Sector Coronavirus (COVID-19), guidance notes and industry specific advice from the Victoria Tourism Industry Council, Creative Victoria and Visit Victoria.

In line with WorkSafe advice on good OHS practice in planning for a pandemic we have:

  • kept informed and up to date on pandemic information through monitoring official channels of information and liaising with our key stakeholders;
  • educated and kept employees up to date with regular communication on the pandemic, where to get information and the actions they can take to help control risk and work attendance and arrangements;
  • undertaken OHS risk management by managing the direct and indirect risks to our staff, volunteers and community; and
  • incorporated OHS preparations and risk control measures into our Business Continuity Plan and reviewed and evaluated risk control measures.

Our people and our COVIDSafe Plan:

  • Staff have returned, and will continue, to work onsite as permitted.
  • Communication with employees, volunteers and our community is crucial in the successful conduct of operations. Management support is ongoing, and staff are reminded of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • Staff will use the existing incident reporting system to report any COVID-19 related incidents or near misses.
  • A COVID-19 FAQ information sheet was prepared for staff and is supplemented with regular communications from the management group (CEO, directors and managers).
  • Volunteers have returned to site in response to the resumption of our physical education program.