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Arthur Wellington

Trooper Arthur Wellington’s paternal grandparents were Jaadwa/Jardwajali people from the Wimmera region of Victoria. They were killed in conflict with European settlers. A European family subsequently raised Wellington’s father, removing him to Gippsland. 

Wellington enlisted with the 5th Victorian Mounted Rifles and served in the Boer War (1899–1902). He sustained a shrapnel injury to his arm and was invalided home in 1902. He planted a Bunyah Pine, which is still living, on the family property on his return from South Africa. 

Wellington was poorly treated on his return and moved to New Zealand. He worked as a labourer on the Tarata Tunnel and found local fame as a strongman and keen sportsman, especially cricket. His family offered to pay his way home, but he refused and stayed, raising a large family in New Zealand. In an interesting twist of fate, some of his descendants are now farming at Toongabbie, near where he was born in Gippsland. 


Trooper Arthur Wellington (second from right) c1901
photographer unknown

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