The Galleries of Remembrance are closed for maintenance on Tuesday 18 June. The memorial remains open for visitors.
Stories of service and sacrifice may cause distress.
See this resource list for help.


Volunteers engage with visitors and provide support to the education and ceremonial programs, lead on-site community group tours and present talks onsite and offsite. The program normalised this year. Twelve new volunteers joined early in the year and five more commenced from June. Volunteers provided 9,448 hours of service during the year. The Shrine of Remembrance Trustees acknowledge with thanks the dedication of our valued volunteers:

Darcie Apostolou

Betty Appleton

Francesca Atkinson

Barry Aumann

Rohan Badwal

Rodney Bayley

Ella Bibby

Fred Boland

Daryl Bolton

Ralph Boyne

Murray Brassington 

Paul Brennan 

Bruce Brown 

Catherine Brown 

Maureen Bugden 

John Cahir 

Barbara Carpenter 

Sofia Castello 

Bill Cherry 

Caroline Clark 

Lorraine Connell 

Bill Cornford 

Eleni Courvisanos 

Cate Cox 

Ken Crook 

Neville Davis 

Jacqui Dekker 

Anna Dockendorff 

Ian Douglas 

Robyn Dunn 

Garry Fabian 

Wendy Farthing 

Caitlin Fankhauser 

Sophie Fregon 

George Galanopoulos 

Peter Geddes 

Drew Gordon 

Allan Grant 

Cooper Hewitt  

Christine Hill 

John Hills 

Robert Hoskin 

Russell Hutchins  

Alec Huze 

Ian Jones 

Anne Josefsberg 

Petrina Killey

Steven Kyritsis

Rayden Lee 

Fred Lehman

Sue Liddell 

Judy Llewellyn 

Gloria Low 

Jenny McCartney 

Phill McKenna 

Marita Madden 

Dianne Manning 

Paul Maple 

Phil Marshman 

Ros Martin 

Anne Mathers 

Peter Mayhood 

Mark Mayne 

Graeme Miller 

Robyn Miller 

David Mitchell 

Sam Monk

John Moxey 

Sue Mullett 

Lynne Nicol 

Rick Palmer 

Jon Peart 

Daryl Pinner 

Anne Ramsay 

Helen Robinson 

Joan Sam 

Gary Serpell 

Ian Simpkin 

Brian Smith 

Julia Stockdale 

Stephen Stockdale 

Zoe Taylor 

Kevan Thomas 

Kerrie Walker 

Mary Ward 

Philip Whitehouse 

Malcolm Wiltshire 

Caroline Winter 

George Zagon 


It was with much sadness that we marked the passing of volunteer Mac Ford.