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DAP Development

How we got here - how we developed the plan.

DAP Development

The purpose of this DAP is to proactively ensure, as practicable, the identification and elimination of barriers that limit, hinder and / or discriminate against people with disability. The Shrine is committed to this proactive approach, as demonstrated by an ongoing implementation, review, and redevelopment of a strategic approach to accessibility and inclusion.

The development methodology for this DAP has included documentation reviews, key stakeholder consultation and senior leadership staff interactions. A variety of methods, including a survey, meetings and telephone contact maximised the opportunity for input into the development of the DAP.

The Shrine engaged a consultant to aid in the development of this DAP. Consultations with key stakeholders informed the contents of the actions and targets within the action plan. The DAP has been aligned with the 2019–24 Strategic Plan so that it is not in isolation and focuses on what the 6 Shrine has already identified as priority areas. Actions and targets within this DAP are associated with directorates; budgetary factors are considered in DAP Response actions.

This DAP includes establishment of an Accessibility Action Group (AAG). The AAG will be comprised of designated Shrine personnel, with initial involvement of a Disability Access Consultant and/or person/s with disability.

The AAG will meet to monitor and evaluate the DAP’s progress and to actively promote commitment to accessibility and to identify future actions will be quarterly in association with the scheduled Business Plan review cycle.

The intention is that future DAPs will follow this same alignment and therefore be included as a key component that is reviewed and amended / updated during the process of updating the strategic plan.