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Objectives and Strategies

Our four objectives and strategies for the plan.

Objectives and Strategies

This DAP is aligned with the Shrine’s 2019–2024 Strategic Plan and its key objectives by identifying a DAP goal under each of the objectives. The rationale for this alignment is to ensure disability access and inclusion remains at the forefront of the Shrine’s everyday operations and systemic processes. This incorporation is anticipated to not only assist the fulfillment of statutory requirements but to also assist to achieve the objectives within the strategic plan.

Objective One: Care for the Shrine for future generations

To position the Shrine as the home of commemoration in Victoria; protect and preserve the Shrine’s unique place and purpose; enhance and enrich the visitor experience; and, provide access, amenity, safety and security for all.

DAP Response: The Shrine monument and Reserve are accessible for all.
What we will do:

  • Continue to implement the recommendations of the Accessibility Audit.
  • Improve services and facilities for visitors with disability including the provision of appropriate seating.
  • Improve services and facilities for visitors with disability in the planned Visitor Centre redevelopment, i.e., accessible bathrooms.
  • Work collaboratively with key partners to increase equitable access to the Shrine Reserve and Shrine monument, leveraging the opening of new infrastructure (City of Melbourne, Yarra Trams, Metro).
  • Construct access ramps between the lower forecourt and the Second World War Memorial Forecourt.
  • Install tactiles in key areas of internal stairways.
  • Develop an Access Key which will be available via the Shrine website.
  • Investigate installation of a compliant elevator between the Galleries and the Sanctuary.

Objective Two: Engage more Victorians in commemoration

Collaborate with and support ESOs in the planning and delivery of commemorative services; honour and unify veterans of all generations in commemoration that reflects their diverse experiences of service; and promote the value of commemoration to reach new audiences.

DAP Response: Commemoration is inclusive and accessible.
What we will do:

  • Work collaboratively with key partners to enhance accessibility and inclusivity of events held within the Shrine monument or on the Shrine Reserve (RSL Victoria, PTV, COM, Yarra Trams and Travellers’ Aid).
  • Continue to offer live streaming of commemorative services to enable access for those who cannot attend site.
  • Continue to incorporate Auslan in key services.

Objective Three: Inform and Inspire

Create and deliver broad-reaching, innovative educational programs and exhibitions that respect and respond to the diverse nature of the Victorian community; introduce new ways to discover, share and experience the Shrine through technology and expertise that supports access and engagement; develop a deeper understanding of community perceptions and needs through consultation, data gathering and ongoing analysis.

8 DAP Response: Our programs respond to and include our diverse community.
What we will do:

  • Continue to provide virtual education programs for schools in regional Victoria.
  • Undertake an environmental audit, develop a social script and produce sensory map for education programs.
  • Consider disability in the development of programs and events to support accessibility and inclusivity—investigate sensory friendly experiences, tours or sessions.
  • Investigate development of accessible Shrine Tour options.
  • Utilise visitation data to inform planning that improves accessibility within the Shrine monument and on the Shrine Reserve.
  • Continue to develop and promote the virtual tour as an accessible experience.

Objective Four: Build sustainability for the future

Strengthen financial resilience, governance and operational capability, securing and optimising funding and support from government and the community. Ensure long-term sustainability by diversifying our funding and revenue sources through new philanthropic, corporate and commercial revenue streams. Attracting, developing and retaining a high calibre workforce that is diverse, innovative, responsive and inclusive. Investing in technologies and digital solutions that optimise operational efficiency, audience reach and engagement.

DAP Response: We are an inclusive place of work
What we will do:

  • Educate our people in inclusivity and continue to develop the Shrine as an inclusive workplace.
  • Offer visitor facing staff introductory Auslan training (voluntary).
  • Establish an Accessibility Action Group to monitor progress of the DAP and report on outcomes.
  • Establish a mechanism to seek input from our community including people with a disability in program and other planning.