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The Shrine's Disability Action Plans

Outcomes of the previous Disability Action Plan and intent for the 2022-24 plan.

The Shine’s Disability Action Plans

Disability access and inclusion have been a key focus for the Shrine since introduction of the first DAP in 2011. The 2011 DAP guided—as practicable—the Shrine’s approach to identifying, addressing and reducing barriers to access and the likelihood of discrimination. The four foci of that DAP were: Activities, Policies, Buildings & Infrastructure and Employment & Volunteering.

Outcomes of the first DAP include:

  • creation of a virtual Shrine tour accessible online;
  • introduction of virtual education tours for regional Victorian schools;
  • development of a website that aligns with Victorian Government accessibility requirements;
  • securing Victorian Government funding to install accessible ramps between the lower forecourt and the Second World War Memorial Forecourt; and
  • a comprehensive accessibility audit of the Shrine Reserve.

This DAP demonstrates the Shrine’s continued commitment to support and enable access and inclusion for people with disability.