Trustee meetings

During 2021–22, the Shrine of Remembrance Trustees held six ordinary meetings.

Committees structure

Committee memberships comprise trustees, Life Governors, Governors and independent committee members with specific knowledge and skill required
by the Board of Trustees.

The Committees are supported by the Chief Executive Officer and Director Corporate Services with other members of the executive aiding as required. Committees may also co-opt external parties with relevant expertise to participate as required.

Four committees support the corporate governance framework that provides informed recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

  • The purpose of the Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARMC) is to assist the Board of Trustees by maintaining oversight and providing assurance relating to the integrity and effectiveness of the governance, compliance, financial and risk management processes, systems and reporting of the Shrine. It does this by considering financial and related reports provided by management and internal and external auditors and directing establishment and review of an appropriate risk management framework. Standing Directions under the Financial Management Act 1994, also require the ARMC to oversee and advise the Board on matters of accountability and internal control affecting operations.

    The ARMC includes independent members who meet the criteria for independence within the Financial Management Compliance Framework guidelines. The Committee met on six occasions in 2021–22.

    Committee Members throughout the period included:

    • Sue Blake (Trustee and Committee Chair)
    • Robert Webster (Trustee)
    • Catherine 'Bunny' Carrigan (Trustee)
    • Michael Lawriwsky (Independant member, Resigned 17 November 2021)
  • The purpose of the Ceremonial Committee is to assist the Board of Trustees by supporting governance of the Shrine’s ceremonial activities: including the calendar of commemorative services and applications presented by management on behalf of external parties for the introduction of new and/or changed services and memorial plaques. The committee monitors the conduct of Ex-Service Organisations (ESOs) and trustee representatives in the delivery of commemorative services at which trustees are represented, and makes recommendations relating to ceremonial policies and practices and the reappointment of Shrine Governors. The Committee met on three occasions in 2021–22.

    Committee Members throughout the period included:

    • Graeme Plumridge (Trustee and Committee Chair)
    • John Coulson (Shrine Governor)
    • The late Maggie More (Shrine Governor)
    • Terry Makings (Shrine Governor)
  • The purpose of the Remuneration Committee is to assist the Board of Trustees by considering and making recommendations relating to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) remuneration and the remuneration packages set by the CEO for executives (i.e., employees not covered by awards and collective agreements). The committee is also responsible for establishing professional development and succession plans for the CEO and considering professional development plans and succession arrangements established by the CEO for executives. The committee met on two occasions during 2021–2022.

    Committee Members during the reporting period were:

    • Stephen Bowater (Committee Chair, Board of Trustees Chair)
    • Robert Webster (Trustee)
    • Sue Blake (Trustee)
  • The Shrine’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee meets four times each year and includes nominated and trained Health and Safety
    Representatives from Designated Working Groups of the staff, volunteer, and Victoria Police (Shrine Guard) representatives. Issues covered include WorkSafe matters, OHS incidents and matters of general workplace health and safety.

    During the 2021–22 reporting period, the Shrine’s OHS Committee met five times. Additional to its standing responsibilities, in 2021–22 the Committee
    also considered and made recommendations related to development and implementation of the Shrine’s COVID Safe Plans.

    Pleasingly, no lost time injuries occurred in 2021–22.

Reviewed 06 April 2023

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