The Shrine Volunteer program operated for approximately six months of the reporting period and attendance was limited to support the safety of our volunteers. Volunteers engage visitors onsite, provide support to the education program, the ceremonial program and talks to community groups both onsite and offsite. During the closure period in 2021–22, volunteers remained engaged through regular newsletters, training and weekly video conferencing. Volunteers provided 3,845 hours of service during the year.

The Shrine Tustees acknowledge with thanks the dedication of our valued volunteers.


  • Mohammed Abdur Rahman
    Rehan Ali
    Darcie Apostolou
    Betty Appleton
    Francesca Atkinson
    Barry Aumann
    Rohan Badwal
    Rodney Bayley
    Ella Bibby
    Fred Boland
    Daryl Bolton
    Ralph Boyne
    Paul Brennan
    Bruce Brown
    Catherine Brown
    Maureen Bugden
    John Cahir
    Olivia Campbell
    Barbara Carpenter
    Sofia Castello
    Bill Cherry
    Caroline Clark
    Lorraine Connell
    Bill Cornford
    Eleni Courvisanos
    Cate Cox
    Ken Crook
    Pauline D'Astoli
    Jacqui Dekker
    D’Arcy Egberts
    Anna Dockendorff
    Ian Douglas
    Garry Fabian
    Wendy Farthing
    George Galanopoulos
    Peter Geddes
    Drew Gordon
    Allan Grant
    Amanda Harrison
    Christine Hill
    John Hills
    Robert Hoskin
    Russell Hutchins
    Alec Huze
    Ian Jones
    Anne Josefsberg
    Petrina Killey
    Steven Kyritsis
    Kerry Larkan
    Rayden Lee
    Fred Lehmann
    Sue Liddell
    Judy Llewellyn
    Gloria Low
    Jenny McCartney
    Phill McKenna
    Marita Madden
    Dianne Manning
    Paul Maple
    Ros Martin
    Anne Mathers
    Peter Mayhood
    Mark Mayne
    Amelia Meyn
    Graeme Miller
    Robyn Miller
    David Mitchell
    Sam Monk
    John Moxey
    Sue Mullett
    Elena Murphy
    Erin Nisbet
    Rick Palmer
    Jon Peart
    Daryl Pinner
    Janelle Raines
    Anne Ramsay
    Helen Robinson
    Gary Serpell
    Ian Simpkin
    Brian Smith
    Stephen Stockdale
    Talya Theophilus
    Kevan Thomas
    George Tsianakas
    Kerrie Walker
    Mary Ward
    Bridget White
    Philip Whitehouse
    Malcolm Wiltshire
    Caroline Winter
    George Zagon


    It was with much sadness that we marked the passing of volunteer Noel Ellis.

Reviewed 21 November 2023

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