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The Lone Pine

The Lone Pine you are looking at is in the Gallipoli Garden and is the third Lone Pine tree in this location.

The original tree planted here in 1933 was grown from seeds collected by Sergeant Keith McDowell who picked up a cone from the solitary Lone Pine on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915. The original tree became very unwell in 2012 with a serious fungal disease and was removed.

This current tree, planted in 2016, came from seedlings from the original cone and the soil and drainage have been improved to avoid further problems.

The Battle of Lone Pine in August 1915 was one of the worst battles on the Gallipoli Peninsula. Over 2000 Australian soldiers were injured or killed. Seven Australians received the Victoria Cross for their actions during this battle.

This tree remains a living link to the memory of those who fought at Gallipoli in the First World War.

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