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2020-21 review of operations

The year 2021–21 presented challenges unprecedented in the Shrine’s history. In these unique circumstances, the Shrine’s trustees, Life Governors, Governors staff and volunteers were called upon to identify and enact novel solutions in the continued pursuit of the Shrine’s purpose and strategic objectives. That we were largely successful is testament to the commitment, resilience and creativity of all involved.

Responding to Victorian Government COVIDSafe requirements, the Shrine re-opened in November 2020, operating under varying coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic restrictions since. Mitigating measures implemented include capacity management, contact tracing, physical distancing and enhanced hygiene protocols. Compliance with restrictions has shaped the development and delivery of all aspects of visitor engagement including general visitation and the ceremonial program.

The following review of operations is to be considered in this context of service delivery to a community confronted and constrained by the necessarily mandated responses to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.