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Chair's report

Report made by the recently appointed Chair of the Shrine of Remembrance Trustees, Captain Stephen Bowater OAM RAN.

The Hon Shaun Leane MP
Minister for Veterans
Level 16, 121 Exhibition Street

Dear Minister

As recently appointed Chair of the Shrine of Remembrance Trustees it is my pleasure to submit the Shrine of Remembrance’s 2020–2021 Annual Report.

I am delighted to have been appointed to the role of Chair and am humbled by the privilege granted me in leading the Shrine in pursuit of its enduring purpose to honour the service and sacrifice of Victorians and Australians in war, conflict, peacemaking and peacekeeping.

Through discussions with my fellow trustees and observations made since my appointment, it is clear that the Shrine has been well stewarded by the board and is prepared to meet and overcome the current challenges presented by the changed visitor market conditions.

The flexibility and creativity demonstrated by the Shrine’s staff, Life Governors, Governors and volunteers in responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been nothing short of outstanding. Therefore, I am confident that we possess the passion and capability to be bold as we direct the Shrine and its programming to meet the needs of the Victorian Veteran community. With your support, we intend to advance the Shrine’s standing in the consciousness of contemporary veterans, Victorians and Australians for the benefit of future generations.

I am encouraged in this by the positive engagement you have demonstrated in supporting the Shrine through achieving funding for restoration works to the heritage listed monument stairs and light towers. And with an eye to our future, in facilitating resources to allow construction of an accessible ramp and major security infrastructure upgrades to serve our needs and protect our community. I look forward to working in partnership with you and the whole of Victorian Government in the coming years.

As I reflect on my role and the service and commitment of preceding Chairs of the Shrine of Remembrance, I wish to acknowledge and express my appreciation to outgoing Chairman Air Vice-Marshal Chris Spence AO (Retd). His safe hands and sound leadership have put me in a strong position to continue our work.

Captain Stephen Bowater OAM RAN
Chair of the Shrine of Remembrance Trustees