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Shrine staff

The full staff list for the Shrine of Remembrance, as of 30 June 2021.

  • Carolyn Argent, Education Officer
  • Margaret Brown, Tour Guide
  • Sue Burgess, Director Public Programs
  • Dale Capron, Ceremonial Program Manager
  • Laura Carroll, Education & Volunteer Manager
  • Melissah Crumpton, Business Support Officer
  • Sue Curwood, Marketing Manager
  • Chloe De Luca, Education Officer
  • Rebecca Dixon, Duty Manager
  • Monica Galbraith, Marketing Officer
  • Michael Ganey, Visitor Services Officer
  • Leigh Gilburt, Production Coordinator
  • Greg Gilmour, Director Corporate Services
  • Peter Harris, Facilities Manager
  • Dominic Healy, Tour Guide
  • Spencer Hurley, Visitor Services Officer
  • Anthony Langley, Human Resources Adviser
  • Dean Lee, Chief Executive Officer
  • Soo Mei Leong, Finance Officer
  • Peter Luby, Visitor Services Officer
  • Voula Marinis, Executive Assistant
  • Toby Miller, Collections Coordinator
  • Naias Mingo, Director Visitor Services
  • Katrina Nicolson, Research & Outreach Officer
  • Tessa Occhino, Exhibition and Collections Research Officer
  • Janelle Oudshoorn, Visitor Services Manager
  • Nina Perry, Visitor Services Officer
  • Glen Putland, Visitor Services Officer
  • Chelsea Rowlings, Retail Officer
  • Karl Sarsfield, Tour Guide
  • Neil Sharkey, Curator
  • Kate Spinks, Curator & Collections Manager
  • Adrian Threlfall, Education & Training Officer
  • Melanie Warburton, Business Support Officer
  • Sue Wicks, Visitor Services Officer
  • Chris Wright, Facilities Coordinator