The Shrine of Remembrance is the National War Memorial of Victoria, a monument dedicated to all those who have served in the armed conflicts and peacekeeping operations in which Australia has participated.

Vision, Mission & Values

The Shrine of Remembrance community, guided by the Trustees, is comprised of Shrine Life Governors, Shrine Governors, Volunteers, Staff and the Victoria Police Shrine Guard and seeks to fulfil the vision and mission laid out by Trustees.

The Trustee's vision for the Shrine is:

"That all Victorians remember, value and commemorate service and sacrifice."

This vision underpins the Shrine's stated mission:

"To engage all Victorians in commemoration through reflection, ceremony, education and learning."

 In bringing this vision to fruition the Shrine Community brings the following values to bear:

"In all our dealings with the service community, students, tourists and other visitors, staff and volunteers are committed to the values of integrity, loyalty, service, respect and inclusion."

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