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Everything you need to know about a school visit: bookings, do’s and don’ts, supervision and safety.  



The maximum number of students you can book into any single guided program session is 75 (3 groups). If you have more than 75 students you will need to book multiple sessions.

From the Onsite School Programs page you can choose your preferred program and make a tentative booking. Shrine staff will be in touch quickly to confirm.

For bookings of more than 150 students across several dates, email us or call us on 03 9661 8139.

Do's and don'ts

  • DO wear appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor locations during the tour.
  • DO bring a hat. Students will be invited to remove sun hats in the Sanctuary as a mark of respect.
  • Bags should be left on the bus if possible as this saves time in cloaking them inside the building.
  • DO bring cut lunches and eat them on grassed areas, weather permitting.
  • No flash photography.
  • No using of pens or textas. Pencils are permitted.

Supervision and behaviour

We rely upon teachers and parent helpers to supervise students and to ensure appropriate standards of behaviour. These include:

  • walking
  • speaking quietly
  • listening to other speakers
  • refraining from touching displays
  • and being considerate of other visitors

Safety and venue information for schools

Please refer to our:

Child safety

Our policy is that all children visiting or engaging with the Shrine have a right to feel and be safe, respected, valued and protected from harm.

We create and maintain a child safe environment. The welfare of children is a priority and we have zero tolerance for child abuse.

For more information, contact Laura Carroll, Child Safe Officer:

Working with Children Policy

Working With Children Check or Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) registrations are a condition of employment for all Shrine staff.

Reviewed 27 July 2023

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