The Shrine’s image is protected by law. Learn about permitted uses and the application process for commercial photography.

Any person may take photos or film video at the Shrine for personal (non-commercial) use. Any commercial use of Shrine images requires prior approval.

The Shrine of Remembrance Act 1978 (the Act) regulates the use of the Shrine image for commercial purposes. This includes:

  • photography
  • filming
  • any other creative representation (eg replicas, drawings, paintings) of the building or the Shrine Reserve
  • photography requiring access to any part of the Shrine monument or Shrine Reserve not generally available to the public
  • Photography which involves the use of equipment other than a handheld camera
  • Photography involving the use of drones or other autonomous or remotely controlled devices (as defined by the Shrine’s Autonomous or Remotely Controlled Device Policy)

Commercial photography applications must be submitted at least 5 business days before any activity.

Any unauthorised commercial use of Shrine imagery is an offence and will incur a fine as detailed in the Act.

News of the Day photography conducted by media organisations accredited in Australia or equivalently recognised as such are exempt from the approvals process unless photography is proposed on or within the Shrine monument and/or its adjoining courtyards or involves the use of any vehicle. Media outlets are encouraged to contact Shrine marketing staff as a courtesy prior to any activity at the Shrine.

Application process

Complete this form:


  • Allow 5 business days for processing.
  • Be aware that a fee may be required. All fees are due and payable in advance of the scheduled photography shoot.
  • Email the completed form and your supporting documents to


  • 'Shrine' refers to the Shrine monument, its interiors and the 13-hectare surrounding area known as the Shrine Reserve.
  • 'Photography' refers to still and/or motion recording of the visual image of the Shrine by film or digital or other means and includes any activities related to making the image/s. This includes the use of drones or any offsite photography where any element of the Shrine appears.
  • 'Commercial photography' refers to any photography or filming resulting in financial or commercial benefit by the photographer or any other party by sale or use in advertising.
  • 'Non-commercial photography' refers to photography that is solely for personal use and not for the purpose of seeking or deriving a financial or commercial benefit by the photographer or for any other party by sale or use in advertising. The subsequent sale or use in advertising of any non-commercial photography causes the original photography to be considered commercial photography.

Fee schedule (excl GST)

Regular operations - Monday to Friday 9am-5pm:

  • $100 base fee + $100 per hour on site (or part thereof). Minimum $200

Non-regular operations - outside the above days and times:

  • $500 base fee + $200 per hour on site (or part thereof). Minimum $700

Fee waiver

Fees may be waived or reduced at the discretion of the CEO (or delegate).

Fee payable

All fees are due and payable in advance of the photography shoot.

Payment will be accepted by credit card payment or via electronic funds transfer.

Receipts will be supplied within 14 days of payment.

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Reviewed 19 November 2020

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