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Shrine planning and vista controls

Shrine planning controls ensure the Shrine will be preserved for future generations. Planning applications submitted to a local council may require an assessment.

The Victorian Government implemented permanent and mandatory planning controls for the Shrine of Remembrance in 2014. Planning restrictions include:

  • permanent height controls in areas to the west and southwest of the Shrine
  • shadowing controls
  • required notification of advertising that impacts the Shrine’s historic and cultural significance

These conditions are based on the original Shrine vista controls, which have been in existence for decades. They are generally contained within the current planning schemes of:

  • City of Melbourne (Planning Scheme Amendment C220) - access the City of Melbourne planning scheme documents
  • City of Stonnington (Planning Scheme Amendment C200)
  • City of Port Phillip (Planning Scheme Amendment C140)

The relevant council refers applications to the Shrine Trustees.

Nominated licensed land surveyor

The Shrine’s nominated licensed land surveyor is Veris (Australia) Ltd.

All applicants must provide certification from Veris before the Shrine Trustees will consider a proposal. This certification verifies that the proposed building coordinates follow Shrine vista controls.

NOTE: Depending on how close a proposed building is to the Shrine, the Shrine Trustees may require that the constructed building reviewed by a licensed surveyor to attest conformance with design. This is to prevent non-sanctioned design and/or construction changes that may impact the controls.

Veris (Australia) Ltd provides the Shrine of Remembrance with a professional service which includes management, review, reporting both to applicants and the Shrine about the Shrine planning controls.

For further information, contact:

Shrine Vista Manager
Veris (Australia) Ltd
Phone: 03 9699 1400

Property assessment

Veris will assess how Shrine vista controls impact a subject site. This provides a valuable resource in the design process which defines a space within which all built form must be contained on the site.

To apply for a property assessment:

  • forward payment of $1850 (plus GST) to Veris (Australia) Ltd
  • provide a current certificate of title for the subject site
  • provide a 2-dimensional site survey plan in AutoCAD (*.dwg) and PDF Plan formats on MGA datum showing text MGA/AHD (Easting, Northing and Reduced Level) coordinates of the corners of the subject site

Development design assessment

Initial contact relating to planning applications should be sent to the planning departments of the relevant council.

For details on the controls and their application, download the 

Shrine Vista planning study
(opens in a new window)

When a Town Planning Permit submission is made which may be affected by the Shrine Vista the relevant Council will require the Shrine, through Veris, to assess the proposed development for compliance with the Shrine Vista controls. Veris (Australia) Ltd will then prepare a Development Design Assessment.

To apply for a development design assessment provide:

  • payment of $2150 (plus GST) to Veris (Australia) Ltd
  • a current certificate of title for the subject site
  • a 2-dimensional site and proposed building coordinates plan in AutoCAD (*.dwg) and PDF Plan formats showing text MGA/AHD (Easting, Northing and Reduced Level) coordinates of the corners of the subject site and the proposed Building Model prepared by a licensed surveyor
  • copies of town planning drawings containing the proposed Building in AutoCAD (*.dwg) and PDF Plan formats
Shrine Vista sample document
PDF 107.54 KB
(opens in a new window)

Payment details

Payments can be made by credit card, cheque or electronic funds transfer. 

Payments made by credit card will incur a financial institution fee of $15.

Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 066-000
Account number: 1235 1966
Account name: Veris Australia Pty Ltd

Please request an invoice from Veris by emailing