An introductory guided program for young visitors to the Shrine.

Duration: 60 minutes

Years P to 4

What do Australians do on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day, and why? This program introduces and welcomes young students to the Shrine as a major public monument devoted to community remembrance and honouring of wartime service and sacrifice. Students will find out when and why the Shrine was built, they will see the Sanctuary, the Crypt and the Gallipoli boat, and hear stories about people and places. They will learn about how Australians use things such as trees, statues, medals, rosemary, poppies, music and flags to remember wartime experiences.

Selected curriculum links:

  • How communities commemorate past events that are significant to them (VCHHK062)
  • The significance today of an historical site of cultural or spiritual importance (VCHHK064)
  • Significance of days and weeks celebrated or commemorated in Australia and the importance of symbols and emblems (VCHHK076)

Reviewed 05 July 2021

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