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Terrace courtyard wall at the Shrine

Tour operator licensing

The Shrine is a Victorian public-sector entity. The Trustees are its authorised land managers. The Crown Land Acts Amendment (Lease and Licence Terms) Act 2009 establishes a consistent framework for licensing commercial tourism and recreation activity on public land in Victoria. As land managers we are required to apply these licensing requirements.

To avoid penalties all commercial tour operators bringing tour groups to the Shrine must:

  • be licensed
  • pay fees
  • notify us in advance of all visits
  • register your group on arrival


Who needs a tour operator licence?

You need a licence if you are a person or business conducting a for-profit tour on public land in Victoria. We only licence walking tours (guided and non-guided) conducted within the Shrine Reserve. This includes the parkland and the Shrine monument.

Operators of bicycle- or vehicle-led tours accessing the Shrine Reserve also need a license. Bikes or vehicles can not enter the Shrine Reserve.

Where a licence-holder engages a third party to deliver some or all of the licensed activities, third parties must also hold a Shrine tour operator licence.

Renewing your licence

We will contact you 1 month before your licence expiry. Contact the Visitor Experience Manager - Operations on 03 9661 8100 to request a renewal form.

New applicants

Gather all the required documentation before submitting your application:

  • Business details, including business structure, contact details
  • A valid Certificate of Currency (Public Liability Insurance)
  • A tour schedule for each tour/activity
  • A certificate of accreditation (if you wish to apply for a multiple-year licence)
  • A completed credit application

Application timing

The licence application normally takes between 6 to 8 weeks depending on complexity. Make sure to include all required documents.


Tour operator fees include:

  • a fixed component-the annual licence fee (indexed annually)
  • a variable-use component based on per-day visitor numbers (reported and paid quarterly or annually)

Annual licence fees

  • Standard licence (1 year) $330.40
  • Standard licence (greater than 1 year, per year) $259.20

The licence period covers the financial year. Pro-rata fees are not available.

A multiple year licence is available for operators who:

  • have held a licence for 3 or more years
  • have acceptable accreditation of up to 5 years

You don't need any accreditation to apply for a 1-year licence.

Per-visit fees

  • Adult $2.40
  • Child $1.60


Booking notifications/tour schedules

A group booking notification must be emailed to inform us of your intention to bring a group to the Shrine.

Send booking details to ahead of your scheduled visit.

The total visits for each quarter in arrears are confirmed with Licensees before raising invoices for the variable-use component.

Notifying us of your tour schedule

There is no cost to submit a tour schedule if you are an existing licensee.

Shrine tour operator - schedule notification form
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Adding an additional tour

Complete the tour schedule document below and email it to

Shrine tour operator - schedule changes form
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