Stories of service and sacrifice may cause distress.
See this resource list for help.

Dedicate a seat

A unique opportunity to play your part in supporting the Shrine's education and public programs.

The Shrine auditorium is an evocative space in homage to remembrance, peace and healing. This striking room of red timber, represents the red of the Flanders fields poppies and the Olive Branch; its ceiling panels and lights represent white doves in flight, and its walls are lined with images of folding paper peace cranes; a recognised symbol for peace and in remembrance for children lost in war.

Your dedication plaque can:

  • Honour the service or sacrifice of an individual Victorian service person, or a particular Australian service unit
  • Commemorate a significant anniversary of a conflict or battle involving Victorian service people
  • Recognise Victorian service people's contributions to peacekeeping and peacemaking efforts around the world
  • Acknowledge your business, organisation, or your school and your causes linked to commemorating service and sacrifice
  • Honour your family name, your town or community group
  • Connect you to the Shrine’s history

A seat plaque in the Shrine of Remembrance auditorium

We invite any of the following to Dedicate a Seat:

  • Business, Organisation, School or Sporting Club
  • Foundation or Family Trust,
  • Victorian RSL sub-branch, Clubs, Associations or External Service Organisations
  • Individual or a Family
  • Town or Local Community Group


  • $10,000 endowment per seat in perpetuity, fully tax-deductible. Shrine auditorium seats are limited (maximum of 137 available).
  • Funds will have the plaque production cost deducted, with the balance of funds going to The Shrine of Remembrance Foundation.
  • Acknowledged for one year in the Shrine of Remembrance Annual Report and Donor screen.

Contact us

If you are interested in contributing to the Shrine either as an individual or as a Corporation please contact the Shrine's Marketing Director Sue Curwood on 03 9661 8100 or email